Frequently Asked Question

Where can I find the price of your funds in the offline financial press?

The share price for Manchester & London Investment Trust Plc is in the Financial Times daily and can be found in the Investment Companies segment of the Companies and Markets section.

The share price for each of the share classes of M&L Global & Digital Technology fund can also be found in the Financial Times every Monday in the FTfm section.


Why is MSCI UK Investable Index considered to be a good benchmark for Manchester & London given the Fund’s investment policy and current assets distribution (more US focused than UK)?

Manchester & London was set up in the 1970s for UK Investors to invest in a fund that attempts to beat the UK index. Nothing has changed since the 1970s as > 90% of the investors in MNL LN are still UK based and we believe such UK investors still want to beat their domestic benchmark. Hence, the benchmark’s relevance is derived from the domicile of the investor. The beauty of Manchester & London is that our purpose is to provide the UK investor with the best risk adjusted performance SO, by design, we do not unimaginatively fit a portfolio around a benchmark as our competitors do. (The latter method is designing for failure).
Further points:

  1. The UK benchmark has been used as the Benchmark since the IPO in 1997. That’s a > 20 year history.
  2. At times in those > 20 years, every stock in the portfolio has been UK listed. It is entirely theoretically possible that in 20 years’ time, every stock in the portfolio is again UK listed.
  3. The Listing Rules remain silent regarding when Benchmarks should be altered.

‘M&L Capital Management Limited (“MLCM”) is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under firm reference number 672181. MLCM is registered in England & Wales under number 04089418, with its registered address at 12a Princes Gate Mews, London, SW7 2PS.


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